Pharmaceutical company - process improvement and documentation

Johnson & Johnson, a pharmaceutical company, was restructuring its IT services to take the form of internal service provider to multiple worldwide operating companies and this required local IT departments to adopt ITIL processes. It needed new processes to be developed and implemented with minimal budget for new investments and it needed to demonstrate good governance for audit purposes.

T2CONSULTING provided an ITIL implementation manager who worked with IT and business management to improve incident and service level management processes so that technical issues experienced by end-users were managed as efficiently and effectively as possible whilst meeting business needs.

T2CONSULTING improved the configuration of the incident management tool already implemented, to improve performance reporting so that areas for improvement could be identified and a plan for continual improvement could be put in place.

T2CONSULTING introduced technical change management to reduce the occurrence of incidents as a result of changes made to the IT infrastructure as part of project work, regular upgrades and maintenance. They adapted the existing incident and asset management tool to configure an interim change management process, which meant that no money was spent on new tools until the concept had been proven and process participants and management had had an opportunity to live with the process and refine it before looking for full automation. This approach ensured that their requirements would be fully understood, which in turn would ensure that they did not make expensive mistakes requiring reconfiguration at a later date.

T2CONSULTING produced all process documentation for review and sign-off, which was an important component of quality management in a regulated industry such as pharmaceuticals.

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